Monday, April 9, 2012

Rapper Eve on New Music & Iggy Azalea

Rapper and Actress Eve is readying up some fresh new music that should be out by the end of the year. She says it’s going to go viral and personally I hope it does because it’s about time. She’s trying to channel her old sound and I wish her the best of luck. Do you miss rapper Eve? & As far as her favorite femecee right now she said nothing but good things for upcoming rapper Azealia Banks ““I like Azealia Banks. I think her style is dope. If you listen to her lyrics, she knows how to wordplay and I think that’s cute. I’m not really into the Iggy Azalea chick. I can’t really fuck with her music, but her look is crazy. I just can’t believe it.” —do you agree? Are you excited?

Evelyn's Balling Out of Control

Basketball Wife star Evelyn likes to show that she’s balling out of control. She took time out from planning her wedding to make it rain on the strippers at G5 in Miami. Evelyn blew two grand just to show she was balling. I guess news is news right.

Nicki Minaj Talks Lady Gaga Comparasions

Nicki Minaj has an interview with Dateline and she was not hesitant to address the comparisons between her and Lady Gaga. When asked if the comparisons offended her Minaj responded, “Offend me? No. Irks me? Yeah,” responded Nicki. “Because we are in completely different lanes.”. She even turned the tables and asked interviewer Juju Chang what similarities there were between her and Gaga and Minaj explained that most artists wear wigs. They both somewhat irk me one more than the other but it’s cool. What do you think about the comparisons between Gaga and Minaj?

Brianna Perry Pens Letter to Hip Hop

Brianna Perry’s “Dear Hip Hop” video stars upcoming artist Brianna Perry rapping over a sample of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” expressing her frustration with the Hip Hop Industry while watching MTVS “Hottest MCS in the Game”. If that wasn’t enough she’s burning a copy of the infamous XXL Freshman Issue putting her all into her music while the mic bleeds. She offers lovely word play and just oozes passion. What do you think of the track? The second part is her rapping over a Drake track & I like that one too. There seems to be a lot of hungry female rappers lately.

Teairra Mari Names New Album Sex on the Radio

“It’s reminiscent of a new jack swing, like ’90s R&B, bedroom music but with a bounce,”
Teairra Mari describing the sound of her new album titled “Sex on the Radio”
Are you checking for a new Teairra Mari album?

Iggy Azalea talks Murda Bizness

Finally in music today Iggy Azalea and TI made a little studio video to her upcoming single “Murda Bizness”. I’ve been hearing about her and this song & it’s not exactly terrible. I don’t like it or dislike it what do you think about this track?

Some wonderful wonderful sales going on right under your nose.

Usually I post several posts from various places telling you what's on sale & where but I'm tired so here's a list of some wonderful promotions going on on some of my favorite sites.

Claires (75% Jewelry and Accessories) is having this incredible accessory sale right now. Where they have a lot of jewelry marked down to 75% off and there's no promo code needed. The neat thing about these guys is their standard shipping is six dollars in the US the not so neat thing about these guys is their slow site & the fact that their standard shipping takes eons to get to you. I mean it could be worse, you could be dealing with Forever21 type of customer service. 

GoJane (You can save 15% off your order) If I could work for GoJane I would. I tell everyone I know about the lovely people at GoJane. They have quick standard shipping, nice quality clothing and shoes and I adore their customer service. Right now 

Amiclubwear (You can save 30% off you order) Yesterday it was 40 but beggars can't be choosers. I'm loving their shoe collection you will too unless you rock a 9 1/2 like me & if so good luck.

Charlotte Russe (Save 25% off all tops) They're having sales every day for the next couple of days. Who knows what tomorrows deal will be. I love their jewelry and their shoes are nice if you can catch a great sale. I shopped in store & I cleaned up on their $2 rack they had.

Wet Seal (25% off All Dresses| Online Only) I haven't been in a Wet Seal in forever but I've always had a thing for their dresses. 

Dr Jays (15% off any order) I just snagged a pair of Chuck Taylors from these guys for about 30 bucks. I enjoy them much and their standard shipping is amazing.
Hope this post aroused your inner shopoholic & if you like this list like it & I'll do more with even more different places to shop online so you can save more money.Stay amazing folks.

*Above shoes are featured on GoJanes front page for 29.20.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Brandy and Monica Tease New Video

Brandy and Monica released a behind the scenes look at the making of their new video "It All Belongs to Me". Are you excited to see this duo working together again?

TI Signs Iggy Azalea

TI recently signed female rapper Iggy Azalea to his Grand Hustle Records. I haven't heard much of her but I'm pretty sure we will. What do you think of you Azalea? So far Azealia Banks and Kreayshawn are the first two who decided not to be in this girl's fanclub. Oh my oh my!

Janet Jackson Declines X Factor Invitation

Rumors were swirling that pop icon Janet Jackson would fill one of the two empty seats on the X Factor Judging panel and turns out rumors were true. Janet Jackson's camp was asked about the possibility of her being a judge and her camp politely declined the offer. Janet says she's "very flattered that X Factor let me know that I was being considered for next season, but it just wouldn't be possible,". Who would you like to see judge the X Factor?

Rewind: "Cry Me a River"

Rewind: Remember when Justin Timberlake first went solo and everyone told him he would never get further without his N'Sync buddies. I think this was the time when those haters realized he was here to stay. Look at JT now. He went from chic's crying him rivers to bringing "Sexy Back". Before there was Justin Bieber ladies there was Justin Timberlake.

Snapped: Diggy's Unexpected Arrival

Snapped: Check out the artwork for Diggy Simmons news album "Unexpected Arrival" hitting shelves everywhere March 20th featuring his newest single "88" and "Copy Paste". Excited for Diggy's debut album?

Jennifer Lopez Wants to Make More Music & Dance

Jennifer Lopez has informed the world that she's still into music. She's currently working on a new album which will include more dancing. Do we want another J Lo Album?

Snapped: Lil'Wayne Arrives in Hollywood on Skateboard

Snapped: Lil'Wayne was spotted on someone's red carpet in Hollywood with a skateboard in tow and this ensemble. This is the guy who's promoting his own clothing line.

Snapped; Katy Perry Looks Awfully Blue

Snapped: The always evolving Katy Perry and the new face of The Sims, Katy Perry was spotted out and about looking very blue. Do we like this look? 

Rihanna Readying New Video & Single

Fresh off the buzz from the "Birthday Cake" collab, Rumor has it Rihanna is readying up the video to her newest single "Where Have You Been" from her "Talk that Talk" album. Are we excited? What song would you pick for her next single?

Snapped: Baby Violet Nash is Just So Adorable

Snapped: Speaking of baby cuteness check out the cute picture of Christina Milian and The Dream's baby Violet Nash. She's so freakin adorable isn't she?

Snapped: Jennifer Freeman and Daughter Bella

Snapped: Actress Jennifer Freeman who's mostly known for her role as Claire in My Wife & Kids posted a photo of her and her daughter Isabella.

Snapped: Willow Smith Goes Green

Snapped: Willow Smith, who recently chopped her locks off and went pink is now green. She's just switching it up monthly. What do you think? Talk about freedom of expression.

Snapped: Pharell Literally Goes Green

Snapped: Pharell was recently spotted out and about with Green hair. It seems like it's a fad that's catching on because Willow Smith recently dyed her hair (or what's left of it) green. What do we think of this look? Will you be dying your hair green any time soon?

Press Play: "Ayy Ladies" by Travis Porter

Press Play: Travis Porter released the video to "Ayy Ladies" featuring rapper Tyga. What do you think of the video?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Closet Secrets (Where I Like to Shop)

So I have a wee bit of shopping problem and anyone who’s seen my closet know this. Pretty soon I’m going to have to borrow closet space from my mom (who would love it because we’re almost the same size and we swap clothing when necessary).  Every time I go out in something new I always get the question, “Where did you get that?” and I say “Online”. So today, I’ve decided to share some of my closet secrets. Most of my shopping is done online thanks to my laziness and lack of driver’s license. I actually prefer to shop in the store but who am I to pass up a good sale if it’s happening online? A lot of people don’t know this but you can get the designer look without the designer price tag on a lot of good quality sites.
Some awesome sites to snag some great finds
With prices like this dress for $9.99 Amiclubwear might be the best price but watch out for Shipping Ladies

Pros:  My first online clothing purchase was from AMIClubwear about four years ago and I visit them quite often.  They hold a contest twice a week giving Facebook fans the opportunity to win a $50 gift certificate to their site. I was that winner and it’s been bliss ever since.  Their prices are cheap, their shoes are sweet and  if you’re looking for a club dress this is the place to be.  They also almost always have a sale going on.
Cons:  They’re standard shipping is a little long, and their site isn’t up to par with other sites I’ve stumbled upon since my first purchase. 
Tropical $16 Forever21 dress screams Spring

Pros: Nice prices, nice quality, great site navigation, good customer service and quick standard shipping
Cons: I haven’t found one yet when I do I’ll let you know. I hear they’re return policy is a nightmare but I’ve never had to experience that yet.

$19 Bodycon dress from Charlotte Russe

Pros: Quick standard shipping,  lovely site and sales
Cons: None
$21 Coloblock tank dress from GoJane=so retro

Pros: Everything you can possibly think of these gals have. GoJane is my favorite place to shop especially when they have a sale. Their standard shipping is great, their quality is great and their shoes are amazing.  I’ve purchased many things from GoJane.  They also offer a Shoe of the Day Giveaway to their Facebook fans every week and if you join their mailing list they send you a coupon on your birthday. How’s that for keeping you happy?
Cons: There are none and they have fabulous customer service

$18 Dress from Make Me Chic in Coral Red makes any look pop

I haven’t shopped here yet but I can see it in my near future. I recently just discovered this site and they have nice prices and also offer a Shoe of The Day Giveaway on Facebook to their lovely fans

 I haven’t shopped here yet but I can see it in my near future. I recently just discovered this site and they have nice prices and also offer a Shoe of The Day Giveaway on Facebook to their lovely fans
Claires is no longer the go to place for accessories for young girls. This heard necklace is  $14.50 and could be the staple for your outfit

Pros:  I've liked Claires since I was a kid they're online shopping site is kind of new and maybe one day they'll get it down to a Science. Nice clearance section for accessories and other stuff, nice prices and I love their clip on earrings. There's no many stores that still sell clips so I love it.
Cons: Takes a while to process your order which in turn makes their standard shipping a little slow

$16.95 Cat Attack Dress from Karmaloop will turn heads

Pros: A few years back I won a nice Married to the Mob prize pack from these guys and it was love ever since. Nice prices on a lot of urban designer wear,  quick shipping and wonderful quality
Cons: There are none this site is amazing

Laced Draped Dress from Nasty Gal for $23 is sure to make you the life of the party.

Pros: Great prices in their clearance section, nice site layout, quick shipping and wonderful quality. I can't wait to wear the dress I bought from these gals.
Cons:  Haven’t found any
These lovely Leopard printed Platform Sneaks are $68 at Dolls Kill

Haven’t shopped here yet but I love some of their standout pieces and their sale section is amazing

Unless you catch a sale which doesn't happen often in Betseyville, the most you'll get for $50 is a clutch
Pros:  Quick standard shipping, join their fanclub today and save 25% off your first purchase, also they have stellar customer service
Cons: They’re expensive, if you can avoid shopping Betsey Johnson items directly from Betsey Johnson please do so. Karmaloop has a lot of Betsey Johnson accessories and clothing cheaper than Betsey Johnson’ s prices. 

$20 Cold Shoulder Dress from DEB
I haven’t shopped online through them but I love their store. Most people think Debs is for plus sized women only and they're terribly wrong.  They have some wonderful online prices and for joining their fanclub you get to save a percentage off your first purchase. 

 Any places you love to shop online that I haven’t listed? Please share.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Press Play: "It Girl (Remix)"

Press Play: Jason Derulo released a remix to his song "It Girl" featuring his current It Girl Jordin Sparks. It's adorable. These two got closer after working with each other and Jordin took care of him when he hurt his neck in a dancing accident recently. What do you think of the track?

Snapped: Wiz Sure Loves his Mama

Snapped: Wiz Khalifa really loves his mommy. He tweeted a pic of him and his mother. Wiz is currently readying up his new mixtape release.

Snapped: Chef Breezy

Snapped: Apparently entertainer Chris Brown can do other things that doesn't involve music. His girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Chef Breezy later tweeted a picture of the food and the fact that he had no idea what he was doing.