Monday, March 5, 2012

Snapped: Jennifer Freeman and Daughter Bella

Snapped: Actress Jennifer Freeman who's mostly known for her role as Claire in My Wife & Kids posted a photo of her and her daughter Isabella.


  1. Hey!! It's me Tony (@TonySk8erboy) I want to say you Jennifer Nicole Freeman that I'm your super fan. I know you watching My Wife and Kids (here in Brazil Eu, a Patroa e as Crianças) I love you so much!!

  2. hi i love too watch u one my wife and kids u have i kids and your next showw can be called my husband and kid. u see i did not put a s at the end of kids bc i know u have one kid lol good bye i luv u h.a.g.s.

  3. Beautiful people like you should breed more lol

  4. wow!!!! they are both very beautiful

  5. AWE!!!!! look at hem they are beautiful I remember Claire from "My wife and Kids"

    Now Isabella is gonna be on a show just like her beautiful mother and be the girl that everybody LUVS off of the next show that Isabella is on !!!!!!

    FROM: a lover of My Wife and Kids !!!!!

  6. Your daughter is so pretty