Monday, April 9, 2012

Some wonderful wonderful sales going on right under your nose.

Usually I post several posts from various places telling you what's on sale & where but I'm tired so here's a list of some wonderful promotions going on on some of my favorite sites.

Claires (75% Jewelry and Accessories) is having this incredible accessory sale right now. Where they have a lot of jewelry marked down to 75% off and there's no promo code needed. The neat thing about these guys is their standard shipping is six dollars in the US the not so neat thing about these guys is their slow site & the fact that their standard shipping takes eons to get to you. I mean it could be worse, you could be dealing with Forever21 type of customer service. 

GoJane (You can save 15% off your order) If I could work for GoJane I would. I tell everyone I know about the lovely people at GoJane. They have quick standard shipping, nice quality clothing and shoes and I adore their customer service. Right now 

Amiclubwear (You can save 30% off you order) Yesterday it was 40 but beggars can't be choosers. I'm loving their shoe collection you will too unless you rock a 9 1/2 like me & if so good luck.

Charlotte Russe (Save 25% off all tops) They're having sales every day for the next couple of days. Who knows what tomorrows deal will be. I love their jewelry and their shoes are nice if you can catch a great sale. I shopped in store & I cleaned up on their $2 rack they had.

Wet Seal (25% off All Dresses| Online Only) I haven't been in a Wet Seal in forever but I've always had a thing for their dresses. 

Dr Jays (15% off any order) I just snagged a pair of Chuck Taylors from these guys for about 30 bucks. I enjoy them much and their standard shipping is amazing.
Hope this post aroused your inner shopoholic & if you like this list like it & I'll do more with even more different places to shop online so you can save more money.Stay amazing folks.

*Above shoes are featured on GoJanes front page for 29.20.

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